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Bathroom Refresh

This bathroom was in need of a refresh, which required re-decoration and re-surfacing of the bath, toilet cistern and sink. To accommodate a new floor covering, the floor was lined with plywood. The tiles were removed in one piece and an access panel was fitted to the bath and new lights were installed.

Bathroom Refit

This bathroom required a new suite; including bath with shower, toilet and sink. This was completely stripped and refitted; the floor was also lined with plywood to accommodate a new floor covering and the radiator was relocated; Dave retiled it completely and left it ready for the customer to paint.


Dave noticed that the flashing on this new house was deteriorating. This was missed because it was not easy to see from the ground. Dave brought it to the attention of the owners and carried out the repairs to prevent the passage of water into the structure.



New Exterior Door

This door was sourced, prepared, treated and fitted by Dave to accommodate a cat-flap in rented accommodation.

Patio Cleaning

Dave first cleaned the patio and after that he treated the paving and furniture to inhibit further growth of fungi, mould and moss.

Further an annual treatment in the future will ensure a clean and slip free surface.


This wall was left in a mess when the radiator was removed. Dave removed the old paper from the wall, fixed the wall, applied a new wallpaper and painted.

Airing Cupboard

This airing cupboard had a hot water tank which was replaced with a radiator when a new heating system was installed. Dave repaired and repainted the walls, installed a new floor, boxed in all of the pipe work and fitted new shelving.

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